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I've been training dogs professionally since 2016. I take my work very seriously and have a strict code of ethics that I follow when working with the dogs I work with and in my business dealings with you. My goal is to provide you with the best possible service, and to help make your life better by providing you with a well-trained dog.

dog tongue

Why Do Dogs Lick Each Other? 10 Weird and Wonderful Reasons

Dogs do many things that leave us scratching our heads in confusion. One of these is why they lick each other so often. It seems to be a common occurrence among dogs, but we humans just don’t understand why they do it. This blog post will explore 10 reasons dogs lick each other. Some of them are pretty strange, but all of them are interesting!

dog in car

Why Do Dogs Pant in the Car: The Science Behind Doggie Drool

Have you ever wondered why do dogs pant in the car? It’s a question that has puzzled pet owners for years. Is it because they’re hot? Or maybe they’re just excited to be going on a road trip? As it turns out, there is a scientific reason why dogs pant in the car – and it has nothing to do with being too warm or excited. In this blog post, we will explore the science behind why dogs pant in the car, and we’ll also discuss some of the potential health risks associated with it.

husky puppies

Weird Dog Anatomy: Why Don’t Dogs Have Belly Buttons?

Dogs are some of the most beloved animals on the planet. They are known for their playful personalities and wagging tails. But one question that often perplexes people is why dogs don’t have belly buttons. It seems like a minor detail, but it’s a pretty interesting question! In this blog post, we will explore the answer to that question and take a closer look at the weird dog anatomy that makes it possible.

dogs panting

Why Do Dogs Stick Their Tongue Out?

Dogs are known for their wagging tails, adorable faces, and willingness to please humans. But one of the most puzzling things about dogs is why do dogs stick their tongue out so often. It’s not just when panting after a long run; many dogs will stick out their tongues even when sitting calmly in front of you. So why do they do it? There are several theories but no definitive answer. This blog post will explore possible explanations for why dogs stick out their tongues.