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Environmental Hazards

dog rolling on back

Why Do Dogs Roll on Their Backs? The Surprising Science Behind a Common Dog Behavior

Do you ever wonder why do dogs roll on their backs? It’s pretty typical behavior, but the reason behind it is still a mystery to many people. Is the dog trying to show submission? Are they trying to scratch an itch? Or is there something else going on entirely? Today, we will look at the science behind this puzzling behavior and uncover some of the secrets behind why dogs do it.

what colors can dogs see

What Colors Can Dogs See? The Fascinating Answer to a Common Question

There are a lot of questions that pet owners have about their furry friends, and one of the most common is what colors can dogs see? The answer to this question is actually quite fascinating, and understanding it can help you better train and care for your dog. In this blog post, we will explore what colors dogs see and what implications this has for their everyday lives. So what colors can dogs see? Keep reading to find out!

What Toxins can Cause Seizures in Dogs

What Toxins can Cause Seizures in Dogs

If your dog is experiencing what appears to be a seizure, you should contact your vet immediately. There are many potential causes for seizures in dogs and environmental toxins are among the most common. Some of the most common toxins that can cause seizures in dogs include lead, pesticides, and radiator fluid. If you think your dog may have been exposed to a toxin, contact your veterinarian immediately. But in this post, you will find out all about what toxins can cause seizures in dogs and more.